9 Virtual Volunteer Opportunities: Do it Online from Home

9 Virtual Volunteer Opportunities: Do it from Home
Online Virtual Volunteer Opportunities from Home

Online Virtual Volunteer Opportunities from Home: When considering the concept of volunteering, a particular mental image often comes to mind. You might envision yourself dishing out meals at a local soup kitchen, offering educational assistance to children at a library, or participating in the upkeep of a community park. Nevertheless, amidst the backdrop of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, numerous in-person volunteer options have become challenging, particularly for individuals at high risk. Nonetheless, the inability to volunteer alongside others doesn’t signify an end to your ability to make a difference. Enter the realm of Online virtual volunteer opportunities.

In a recent poll conducted by Good Housekeeping, encompassing nearly 5,000 respondents, it was revealed that 48% of readers acknowledged a significant impact on their volunteer activities due to COVID-19, while 46% reported that their volunteering commitments remained largely unaffected.

What’s particularly noteworthy is that 5% of individuals have transitioned their volunteering efforts to the online sphere. If you’re interested in becoming a part of this group, process is surprisingly accessible. In the following sections, we’ve identified a selection of top notch virtual volunteer opportunities that can be pursued from the comfort of your own computer, provided you have an internet connection and a genuine desire to assist others. For those seeking further avenues for civic engagement, be sure not to miss our comprehensive Full guide.

Lists 9 Online/Virtual Volunteer Opportunities for Home

Virtual Volunteer Opportunities home

United Nations – Virtual Volunteer Opportunities

  • Explore virtual volunteer opportunities across UN entities, civil society organizations, and governmental institutions on the United Nations Volunteers website.
  • Sort opportunities by type, including COVID-19 response, teaching and training, project development, and more.

The Trevor Project – Supporting LGBTQ Youth

  • Make a difference by volunteering as a crisis counselor for The Trevor Project, offering support to LGBTQ youth dealing with issues like coming out, identity, depression, and suicide.
  • Completing a 40-hour online training and committing to one three-hour weekly shift for at least a year is required.

Tarjimly – Bridging Language Barriers

  • Connect refugees, asylees, immigrants, and their supporters with multilingual volunteer translators through the Tarjimly app.
  • As a remote volunteer, you’ll receive translation requests for texts, documents, voice notes, and live calls, allowing you to choose based on your availability.

Be My Eyes – Visual Assistance Through Live Video

  • Volunteer with Be My Eyes, a free app connecting blind and low-vision individuals with sighted volunteers for live video call assistance.
  • Help with tasks such as reading food labels, distinguishing colors or providing directions to those in need.

Create the Good – Discover Virtual Volunteer Opportunities

  • Find your ideal volunteer opportunity on Create the Good, AARP’s database of volunteer roles.
  • Filter for virtual opportunities and support various organizations without leaving your home.

Bookshare – Enhancing Accessible Reading

  • Contribute to Bookshare’s ebook library, which makes reading easier for people with disabilities.
  • As a virtual volunteer, you can upload books or proofread scanned files for proper formatting.

Lifetime Connections Without Walls – Connect Over Phone

  • Volunteer with LCWW to help older adults connect through telephone-based activities, including educational sessions, game nights, and support groups.
  • Consider proposing new class ideas to enrich the program.

Empower Work – Peer Counseling for Workplace Challenges

  • Empower Work offers a text hotline connecting individuals facing workplace challenges with volunteer peer counselors.
  • To become a peer counselor, complete 20 hours of interactive digital training and assist those navigating issues like toxic workplaces, discrimination or benefits problems.

Career Village – Inspire Future Generations

  • Volunteer to answer career-related questions from students who aspire to follow in your footsteps.
  • Participate in this virtual career fair and provide guidance whenever it suits your schedule. Reads More Top 50 Best Volunteer Opportunites .